UBLOX NEO-6m 7m M8n GPS for  Fly  controller APM2.5 2.6 2.8 with compass

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UBLOX NEO-6m 7m M8n GPS for Fly controller APM2.5 2.6 2.8 with compass Item NO.: F18468

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Product Name UBLOX NEO-6m 7m M8n GPS for Fly controller APM2.5 2.6 2.8 with compass
Item NO. F18468
Weight 0.0517 kg = 0.1140 lb = 1.8237 oz
Category DIY RC Drone Accessories > Motor
Creation Time 2017-08-18

7M GPS comes with electronic compass

 UBLOX NEO-7m new generation of GPS 6M upgrade version of the satellite speed and the number of satellite accuracy have improved that M8N is too expensive, it is better to try this 7MGPS.

DALRC 7M refresh rate increased to 10Hz, 6M and 6H are 5Hz, search star speed, cold start speed than 6M, 6H twice as fast. Positioning accuracy of 2.5M, built-in high-precision electronic compass.
The NEO-7 series is the latest in the u-blox standalone GPS / GNSS module. Due to the ultra-high performance of the u-blox 7 multi-GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS and SBAS) engines, the NEO-7 series provides high sensitivity positioning in the shortest acquisition time in industry-proven NEO packages.

The NEO-7 series offers the highest sensitivity while maintaining the lowest system power consumption. The NEO-7M is suitable for low cost applications, while the NEO-7N offers the best performance and easier RF integration. The industry's proven NEO package allows generations of NEO modules to be easily migrated. The advanced RF architecture and interference suppression ensure optimum performance in a weak GPS signal environment.

Support for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS Multi-GNSS engines

Cost and performance of the optimized version
With ultra-low power and ultra-high sensitivity
Easy integration with u-blox wireless modules
Compatible with NEO-6 and NEO-5 series
Receiver type
56-channel u-blox 7 engine
Hardware support Galileo E1B / C, Compass
The maximum update rate is 10 Hz
Accuracy GPS / GLONASS
Positioning 2.5 m CEP / 4.0 m
SBAS 2.0 m CEP / n.a.
Cold start: 29 s / 30 s
Auxiliary start: 5 s / n.a.
Re-capture: 1 s / 3 s
Sensitivity GPS / GLONASS
Tracking: -162 dBm / -158 dBm
Cold start: -148 dBm / -140 dBm
Temperature start: -148 dBm / -145 dBm
AssistNow Online
AssistNow Offline
AssistNow Autonomous
Compliant with OMA SUPL and 3GPP specifications
Oscillator: TCXO (NEO-7N), common crystal (NEO-7M)
RTC crystal: built-in
Anti-jamming: active CW detection and removal
Memory: Onboard ROM (NEO-7M) or Flash (NEO-7N)
Antenna support: active and passive antennas
GPS antenna size: 25 * 25 * 4mm
Shell size: 54x15mm (diameter x high)
Cable length: 200mm
Weight: 29G

Connection: Compass 4 pin / GPS (Pixhawk 6 pin / APM 5 pin)


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