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    Perform as expected!
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    I’ve bought many of these before. Exactly as expected
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    Awesome esc but spend the extra money and get the 1080 no matter what you're using it for. However, if your budget for a brushed esc is under $30 then get the 1060.
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    Provides an awesome Picture quality, and the range is pretty good.
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    Put this in my Daughter's Tamiya Konghead running a 2s lipo & Tamiya torque tuned motor. She has 3 runs with it so far and NO ISSUES to report.
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    Worked perfectly in a traxxas rustler on a 2 series LiPo
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    I’m 50/50 on these esc’s ive bought a few and half of em had to be sent back upon arrival. One smelled burnt and the other didn’t work. When they did work they seem fine.
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    This is a great combo works great in the rc truck I built, can't go wrong with the price
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    Im an absolute beginner to FPV, with about a month of flying in. I needed something better than the Goggles that came in my kit and I have to say that these goggles are indeed much better than I could have expected. I am farsighted which of Course means I need glasses to see things close up. Happened with Age, LOL. and surprisingly I do not need my classes with these Goggles. I can see the image clearly with not problems.There are very easy to use controls and you can use all the functions easily without taking them off. With the exception of putting in an SD card. It does not come with an HSD card.Yes these goggles have a built in DVR which also means you can record your flights. The file size is small because the resolution is not HD quality but they will allow you to share your flights with friends and family.I would also find a reliable source for a spare 18650 battery if you would like to have a spare, and only use the flat top battery like the one it comes with. The others are too large and will not fit.This is a fantastic box Goggle and I am so happy with my purchase. I may look to upgrading to a different style Goggle in the future but for now this will do the trick.These will not work with a digital system.Don't forget to click helpful if this review helped you in any way. If you would like to see more of my Tech product reviews click my logo to check my account. Also Search for AlTone Tech on Youtube!Thank You
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    Super easy to install, and does what it's intended to do. Would definitely recommend for anyone with a brushed setup looking for a replacement ESC.
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    I have two 80s rc cars a associated RC 10 and a Kyosha ultima that had the old type mechanical speed control actuated by a servo. put in these speed controls and brought them back. both cars were gutted and only their steering sevoes are original. plus new Axial brushed motors and 2.4 radios. these controllers are a good buy and easy to use.
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    So far great goggles....only used then once so far.
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    It's fitted for a narrow or smaller than average face. I had to add to the foam to get it to fit, but that was no problem.
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    Plug and play. No issues, excellent quality.
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    The screen quality and features of the goggles are good for the price, but I just could not get them fitting well enough to work correctly. My medium sized glasses were a very tight fit inside and there were very large gaps for light to leak around my nose and cheeks.I suppose I have an above average sized face/head. This forced me to rest the top padding of the goggles just barely above my eyes, pressing on my eyebrows to be able to clearly see the entire screen. No matter how I adjusted the straps, the goggles were either too tight or too loose.I suppose someone with a smaller/flatter face would have better luck with these than I did, but for me they were basically unusable.
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    I like that it came with standard Tamiya battery connector and bullet connectors for the motor as a drop-in replacement for my Tamiya kit ESC's. The only downside for one of my applications is that the switch is small and cord is very short. I had to wire up a larger switch so that I could use my vintage car's rubber switch covers.Also no low voltage cut-off (I only use NiMH) so one will want to be careful not to discharge their battery packs too far.
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    Small size fits well in my RC10 gold pan. I like the way the switch fits into slot on side of speed controller. No need to find separate spot for switch.
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    Worked great with a 13T motor in my Tamiya TT-02R kit. Plug and play and no issues. Only possible improvement is for it to provide motor leads because my motor did not come with any wires.
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    The item worked great in my 1986 original Blackfoot. Programming was fairly simple, no issues so far, will buy another for my FAV. Overall great buy for the money
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    I really like the Fatshark Scout. it was a reasonable cost and has a reasonable picture. I also tried some cool goggles like the Eachine 200D, it has a cool factor but was uncomfortable and I sent it back. My Scout is better than others. I like this unit. works good and is reliable. thank you Fatshark.
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