Qi Fast Wireless Charger Quick Charging Pad With Receiver for iphoneX Samsung

Qi Fast Wireless Charger Quick Charging Pad With Receiver for iphoneX Samsung Item NO: eb1545-eb1546-eb1547-eb1548-eb1562-eb1563-eb1564-eb1565

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Product Name Qi Fast Wireless Charger Quick Charging Pad With Receiver for iphoneX Samsung
Item NO eb1545-eb1546-eb1547-eb1548-eb1562-eb1563-eb1564-eb1565
Weight 0.1320 kg = 0.2910 lb = 4.6562 oz
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Creation time 2017-12-14

What is a wireless charger?

Wireless charger generally refers to the use of electromagnetic induction principle of charging the transmitter device. There is a coil on the sending and receiving ends. The sending end coil (that is, the wireless charger) is connected to a wired power source to generate a signal. The receiving end (ie, the mobile terminal) senses the signal at the sending end to generate a current to charge the battery.

This section is designed for S6 / S6 edge design, S6 / S6 edge can be used directly charge. As other models need to use the phone, need additional receiver patch.

Function parameter description:

1, the input voltage: 5V --- 2A

2, USB output voltage: 5V ± 2V, wireless output 5V1A

3, charging current: 1000mAh-2000MAH

4, charging power: the maximum can reach 5W

5` wireless conversion efficiency: 73%, boost circuit 90%

6, the transmission distance: the maximum 10mm, the recommended transceiver spacing 2mm ~ 4mm

7, standby power consumption: the average power consumption is less than 50mW

8, over-temperature protection: When charging temperature is higher than 60 degrees, automatically stop charging for 2 minutes, wait for the temperature dropped down and then recharge

9, over-current protection: when the charge current consumption is greater than 1.8A, automatically stop charging to prevent damage to the charger

10, the implementation of standards: Qi wireless charging standard

11, product certification: compatible with QI certification standards

12, product specifications:

13, product weight:

14. Whether to support foreign body detection: support

 ios / Andrews universal wireless receiver chip: (Andrews interface to note positive or negative port)


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