High Quality GP70mm EDF Full Metal Ducts 12 Blades Ducted Fan 4S-6S Lipo Charger 2150KV Motor Electric for RC Jet Airplane

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High Quality GP70mm EDF Full Metal Ducts 12 Blades Ducted Fan 4S-6S Lipo Charger 2150KV Motor Electric for RC Jet Airplane Item NO: F23112-F23113

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Product Name High Quality GP70mm EDF Full Metal Ducts 12 Blades Ducted Fan 4S-6S Lipo Charger 2150KV Motor Electric for RC Jet Airplane
Item NO F23112-F23113
Weight 0.53 kg = 1.1684 lb = 18.6952 oz
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Brand jmt
Creation time 2017-11-20

Original Brand GP70mm EDF Full Metal Ducts 12 Blades  Ducted Fan

4S-6S Lipo Charger

2150KV Motor Electric For RC Jet Airplane

Model: GP70mm all-metal ducts

Working voltage: 4S ~ 6S lipo

Material: aluminum alloy

Fan: (all metal 12 blades) done dynamic balance

Weight: 223g

Kv: 2150KV

Thrust: 24V, 74A, 2.6KG(Blowing platform)

           24V,74A,2.3kg(Test Bench)

70 All Metal EDF = 4S 70 EDF + 5S 70 EDF+ 6S 70 EDF

Buy a 70 all-metal  EDF, can use all day 70 EDF aircraft

4S lithium, 5S lithium, 6S lithium can be used.

Please note the following before use:

All metal pipes are dangerous goods. When testing, the pipe must be fixed on the test stand. Do not use handheld pipe testing (can not imitate the engineer's test), will have serious consequences. You will take responsibility.

Can not use flycolor 100A ESC Because it is not compatible with the burning motor, it is recommended to use the matching ESC, or consult customer service. When using, pay attention to whether the ducting runs smoothly, if it is not smooth, stop using it immediately. Set the ESC parameters and try again. If the ESC settings can not solve the problem, you can change an ESC or calibrate ESC travel.

In the course of the need to regularly check the EDF, because prolonged use, due to inhalation of sand blasting blades lead to dynamic balance failure, if you feel the culmination vibration recommended to return to the factory maintenance (balance debugging free), if the vibration is too large you continue to use Resulting in broken blade can not be repaired.

Safety tips!

Metal EDF During the testing, please pay attention to safety, do not allow someone in front of the EDF or reach out to the bell mouth (air inlet) front to experience suction, dumb suction quite amazing, not to be sucked into. Metal blade is quite a sharp knife, finger if the suction duct is cut to the leaves, the consequences will be very serious. You are responsible for all the consequences. I wish you all have fun.

You do not forget the maintenance of the tunnel. Ducted motor bearings is a wear parts, it is life, bearing life according to personal conditions have a direct impact.

Judge the good and bad bearings, the following methods:

1, hand channel operation, check whether there is vibration EDF;

2, grasp the motor housing shaking, check whether the radial direction of the virtual position;

3, hand rotating motor, check the motor rotation is smooth. (If the above situation, it is recommended to replace the bearing)

Goofy power70mm all-metal EDF due to prolonged use of ducted fan damage, manufacturers do not assume any responsibility.

About repair:

Model is a special commodity, where the model purchased in the shop, all can not be warranty.

For maintenance, we will give you repair or return to factory repair, Customer needs to pay part and fee All shipping costs, no maintenance fees.


We will check before delivery, 100% no quality problems before packing delivery, so the goods do not have quality problems. Please when you receive the goods in front of courier acceptance, to ensure that no problem to confirm the receipt of the goods. Such as acceptance of goods damaged or other problems, please reject directly (we can find logistics company claims), the buyer sign is proof that the product does not exist, sign any problems borne by the buyer, thank you for your cooperation!


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