FS-I6 Update Operating Instructions

FS-I6 Update Operating Instructions

1. Use the downloader to connect the S terminal of the transmitter to the USB interface of the computer:


2, the transmitter is loaded into the battery to boot, enter the System menu:

3. Select the software update function shown below:

4. Select "OK" to enter the update status:

5. After selecting "YES", the software update is waiting:

6. Click on "FS-i6-update.exe" to update the software:

7. Click PROGRAMME to start the software update. There will be a progress indicator when the update is completed. When the progress reaches 100%, the update is completed. As shown in the figure below:

10. After the update is completed, the transmitter will automatically restart.

11, disconnect the downloader, enter the System menu, view the software version displayed by "Firmware ver":

As shown in the figure above, the update is OK.

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