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  • 2020-01-31
    I got the 20A version, it weighs 4.2gm, I would imagine the 15A version to weigh the same. Copper content seems OK (to me) compared to similar rated esc's of this size and weight. Performance seems very good, running 2205 motors. I flashed mine with JESC G_H_30. The firmware it comes with is G_H_20 and I think for this hardware (TPN2R703 with Fortior drivers) the deadtime of the G_H_20 might be a bit on the short side. G_H_30 is safer (and standard in similar hardware esc's). Build quality looks good. If it holds up to the test of time I'll be very happy as there are no other esc's of this size/weight/performance at this price right now (Feb2020). Battery pads are on the same edge as the esc 6-pin connector so keep that in mind if you like a particular build arrangement.
  • 2019-09-26
    Ville V
    Plugged the 20A version to 20x20 mamba FC with the cable it came with, works great. I'm running it on 3" LOS quad with 1406 motors, no twitches/problems. Feels a bit light on copper but I don't mind as long as it runs