ADT-Link PCI-E 3.0 16X Graphics card Vertical Kickstand Base Bracket w PCIE Riser Extension Cable R33SQ for DIY ATX Chassis Case

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ADT-Link PCI-E 3.0 16X Graphics card Vertical Kickstand Base Bracket w PCIE Riser Extension Cable R33SQ for DIY ATX Chassis Case Item NO.: F34863/4/5/6/7/8/9/F34870/1/2/3/4

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US$ 6.52
LG4 Rubber Base 15CM Rubber Base 20CM Rubber Base 25CM Rubber Base 30CM Rubber Base 35CM Rubber Base PA4 Strong Magnetic Base 15CM Magnetic Base 20CM Magnetic Base 25CM Magnetic Base 30CM Magnetic Base 35CM Magnetic Base
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Product Name ADT-Link PCI-E 3.0 16X Graphics card Vertical Kickstand Base Bracket w PCIE Riser Extension Cable R33SQ for DIY ATX Chassis Case
Item NO. F34863/4/5/6/7/8/9/F34870/1/2/3/4
Weight 0.19 kg = 0.4189 lb = 6.7021 oz
Category Consumer Electronics > Computer Adapter
Brand ADT-Link
Creation Time 2019-12-17

ADT-Link PCI-E 3.0 16X Graphics card Vertical Kickstand Base Bracket w PCIE Riser Extension Cable R33SQ for DIY ATX Chassis Case

Brand: ADT-Link
Product number:
R33SQ-PA4 (PCIex16 extension cable + 4 strong magnets + base)
R33SQ-LG4 (PCIex16 extension cable + 4 rubber feet + base)
Product name: extension cable video card with base

What is the size of the foot pad?
Rubber feet are 17mm high and 20mm in diameter; magnet feet are 6mm high and 20mm in diameter

Cable length: The extension cord length is 15, 20, 25 centimeters, 25 centimeters, 30 centimeters, 35 centimeters. In general, the length of 20 centimeters is the most suitable, which is subject to real measurement.

Suitable graphics card: GTX1080ti, RTX2080ti, Titan XP, radeon580, VEGA64 GTX1080ti graphics High-end CARDS, fireprow7100, VEGA64, prowx5100, framework K1200 RTX2070 professional Graphics card, support for all PCIe CARDS after 2015 years

For AMD:

RX VEGA RX 580 RX 570 RX 560 RX 550 RX 470D RX 460 R7 350 R7 240

TITAN Xp GTX1080Ti GTX1080 GTX1070Ti GTX1070 GTX1060 GTX1050Ti GTX1050 GT1030 GTX750 (Ti) GT730
For Dota2, Counter-strike, Global offensive, Playerunknowns of Battle, Monster Hunter of the world, Tom clancy Rainbow six Siege, Team fortress 2, warframe, Rocket League, Path of exile, Grand Theft auto

Bandwidth: PCIe 3.0x16
Description of the base material: There are two types of acrylic materials: basic, black glossy surface, sanded bottom, the other is black transparent material. Factory are shipped randomly. Hope to understand
Thread length description:
The length of the wire in our shop refers to the visible part of the wire, apart from PCBs and connectors. For example, the length of the line is 20 centimeters, and the total length is about 23 centimeters.

The base supports ADT extension cable models as follows:
R11SL; R11SR; R11SL-TL; R11SL-FL
R22SL; R22SR; R23SL; R23SR
R33SL; R33SR; R33SQ
R41SL; R41SR; R42SL; R42SR; R43SL; R43SR
R51SL; R51SR; R52SL; R52SR; R53SL; R53SR
R61SL; R61SR; R62SL; R62SR; R63SL; R63SR

Installation procedure:
1. block the 4 feet, pay attention to the 4 vertical holes in the upper left corner. Use the long screws (M3x16mm) in the accessories.
2. copper checkpoints. Short copper messages are used for half-height graphics cards. Note: Put the white nylon gasket on the pad as shown below.
3. lock the screw by hand and fix the graphics card. Note: If the posts are blocked for the copper interface graphics card, please use a single row of copper messages

The dimensions of the base are: length 21.5 cm; width 7 centimeters; 14.4 cm in height

Cable length Description:

The thread length refers to the visible part of the thread. It does not include the PCB and the connector. For the length of the wire, please refer to The 20cm blue arrow in the following figure.
Product advantage:

1. Advantage wire, using German patented imported wire, using Taiwan imported connector of high quality, high frequency support PCIe 3.0 stable transfer.

2. Advantage cable length, from 5 cm to 1 m, cable length can be customized according to customer requirements.

3. The differential signal has no way of drawing, there is no signal attenuation Problem of interference of parasites capacitance and inductance of pests, And there is no CAF micro short circuit, and the product is durable.

4. The Product uses high quality materials, PCB precision processing, copper The thickness is thickened for 1 oz, gold finger content in gold is sufficient, Gold-plated foot has good electrical conductivity, which can reduce the Blue screen of the crashes caused by increased oxidation and rust resistance. Signal transmission is stable at full speed and there is no compatibility problem.

5. the cable used in the product is very strong in itself. It is protected by a gasket gasket with a thickness of 3mm in metal welding point, and is secured with screws and hexagonal nuts. The product is strong and reliable, tensile strength, anti-interference, and will not be broken. The nail problem. The wire can be bent and folded without affecting its use.

6. PCB Nano and grease design, nano will not get stuck to the graphics card, add fat and long drawing to make the board easier to install, reducing the possibility of damage.

Purchase Notice:
1. You must identify the direction in which it connects in this cable. Do not invert insert and fold, avoid burning equipment.
2. All kinds of Motherboard and the condition of equipment such as driving signal The capacity is different, the results of our test does not guarantee that It is the same as the test results. What you need to know, as long as using an extension cable, the signal will leak. Perfectly requesting buyer, please do not purchase.
3. The graphics card or motherboard is an electronic equipment that will increase over time and oxidize aging. It will become more unstable if you plug in an extension cord. Does not support old equipment. The Device which is more than four years old, please do not purchase.
4. Use only for product testing, if other purposes or do not have DIY capabilities, please do not buy.

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