Zhiyun Zhiyun Crane Handheld Stabilizer gimbal With Case Remote Controller for DSLR Canon Cameras Support 1.2KG 5 (from 58 reviews)
Zhiyun Crane Handheld Stabilizer gimbal With Case Remote Controller for DSLR Canon Cameras Support 1.2KG

Zhiyun Crane Handheld Stabilizer gimbal With Case Remote Controller for DSLR Canon Cameras Support 1.2KG Item NO: F18164-A

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Product Name Zhiyun Crane Handheld Stabilizer gimbal With Case Remote Controller for DSLR Canon Cameras Support 1.2KG
Item NO F18164-A
Weight 3.1500 Kg
Category Camera stablizer (Gimbal)
Brand Zhiyun
Creation time 2017-07-25


Zhiyun Crane Handheld Stabilizer gimbal With Case Remote Controller for DSLR Canon Cameras Support 1.8KG


Package not include camera 

The newest 2017 version, please kindly notice that.


Zhiyun Crane Features 

1.Built-in compact slip rings enable the gimbal to have all 3 axes 360 degrees unlimited rotation. 
2.With the automotive grade magnetic encoders attached to each motor, the gimbal can sense every 0.02-degree change intervals. 
3.The first handheld gimbal with CCI (Camera Control Interface). With CCI, the camera's shutter and focus can be controlled by the buttons on gimbal's handle. 
4.Quick, simple and tool-less camera mounting system saves time and effort. 
5.The built-in wireless control module can be connected with Zhiyun's gimbal remote controller or smartphone APP which can also be used for wireless control and firmware upgrade.
6.The industry's first to achieve 32-bit×3 MCUs (Microcontroller Units) running in parallel at 4k hertz. The number is far beyond the reach of any other gimbals. 
7.Powerful MCUs (Microcontroller Unit)which support floating point calculation, combined with Zhiyun's efficient attitude control algorithm and advanced servo control algorithm, the gimbal is able to sense, compute then control the camera to a 0.01-degree accuracy, within 0.25 millisecond. 
8. 3 operation modes. 



Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 1.0kg (2.20lb.)
  • Package Size: 8cm x 3cm x 12cm (3.15in x 1.18in x 4.72in)



Awesome gimbal. So handy having one of these. I use it with a Fujifilm system


Amazon Customer

Perfect for Sony A6300



I wanted a crane that i could use with my Canon HF-R600 camcorder. This crane doesn't balance perfectly, but it's close enough to use with it. I have a wedding this coming weekend and my grandson will be using it. I am confident he will do very well with it and i won't get a dramimine special. I've tried it around the house and outside with good results.


Charles G Meuser III

Great stabilizer, works awesome with my Panasonic Lumix GX85 and lenses.



This is a strong crane, and it does move my Sony A6500 camera with battery pack OK.


Todd Groves

Excellent gimbal. I have captured excellent stable footage with this gimbal. As good as any steadicam footage I've seen.



it's ok. could be better. my dslr is aggravating because the autofocus sucks so i need to manually focus but if i tried to touch the camera, it would produce shakes in my films. cant add a focus wheel because there would be no where to put it. i plan to make some DIY adjustments. i know the new crane has a follow focus system but how can i adjust the follow focus when i am holding this with two hands?? most likely will not be purchasing again nor do i recommend it. however, this crane produces beautiful movements, very smooth like butter. that is what i like about it. yes it is a hassle to set up, but if you have a quick release plate, you will be fine


Amazon Customer

Took this gimble all the way to Hong Kong through the city and up the mountains and it never let me down! Its small when compared to other gimbals like a ronin but just as if not smoother than larger gimbals. It is very simple to use and learn. The BATTERY LIFE IS AMAZING, I would shoot all day and charge every night, sometimes having it operate for 8 hours a day and it has yet to die on me.



Randomly lost it's ability to stay straight in one axis, so a lot of my videos ended up tilted. I went through the calibration procedure multiple times and it still tilts slightly to one direction even when I re-mount the camera.

Switching between modes is not intuitive and sometimes doesn't work, which is frustrating. I expected more from a product this expensive.



I've used the Zhiyun crane to film two weddings, and so far I think it was a good investment. I'm still learning the new workflow, but attaching a monopod to the bottom of the crane (it has the screw mount) has really helped since I primarily shot with a Manfrotto monopod before.

Battery life is amazing and lasts a full day.

It is surprisingly sturdy. Even if your camera isn't perfectly balanced, it won't struggle to keep it stable. I've also accidentally put the gimbal down for a minute when it was still turned on (thought I turned it off) - and there were no damage to the motors. Of course there's also the typical accidental dings you get when filming a reception in tight spaces. People knock into it, etc. The point is - it's very well built :)

Fine tuning is possible through the app. The gimbal connects via bluetooth and allows for you to adjust the pitch and yaw speed, etc.

This is definitely MUCH more inconspicuous than the Ronin, and that is perfect for me. I like to be a fly on the wall when I shoot and this thing is basically the same as the Manfrotto monopod.

There is definitely less control than using a monopod alone. Stabilization is not perfect. Of course you get that bounce effect at times when you walk. But I've also noticed micro-jitters when trying to apply too many movements at once. For example, tilting my arm up while using the joystick to pan.

When moving around with the gimbal there is a certain look to the video which I feel like gives it away that you're using a gimbal. Not that it's a bad thing, but unless you've had a lot of practice and are super stead, it won't replace the look of a slider or small jib.

Another thing about the joystick - it's really difficult to set it perfectly. It either moves the camera too slowly, or too quickly. I wish there was a dial to quickly change the pan speed instead of using the app. There is a mode which (I think Mode 2) which basically just moves the cameras based on how you're moving the gimbal. I recommend this one for anyone trying to keep their workflow similar to a monopod. You can also adjust the speed of how quickly the gimbal reacts. It can be pretty much real time, but can also have a fluid drag behind your movements. Messing with the Joystick during the ceremony gave me too much anxiety. You just lose a lot of control.

Anyway, I hope this helps.



Absolutely amazing. I was impressed with the battery life. I took this on a trip to SouthEast Asia to shoot video and was able to make it through the full day, sometimes 2 days without recharging. I just powered off when not using. Video turned out so smooth. Very compact but heavy when holding for long periods of time. I found it very affordable considering it's capabilities. There were so minor glitches but easily resolved within minutes while I was out shooting. HIGHLY recommended, especially for Videographers.



I don't know how it will hold up over time, but it works great. Great value.


Dillon Huddleston

Well worth the money!



It's very cool gimbal but what I spent the cost for just didn't reach my expectations. I used it for a wedding I did this past weekend and it just was a pain in my ass too control and balance and change, plus the camera plate wa getting stuck which ended up not being able to balance it, eventually just stopped using it


Amazon Customer

I've owned Zhiyun gimbals before and they really do perform. After balancing the Crane I had no problems getting this to work perfectly if you step gingerly. My setup is a Canon T5i and a Canon 10-20MM wide angel lens. This is within the weight limit called out in the review. THe only issue i have with the gimbal is the batteries they provide die instantly. I make sure to charge them constantly, however, the gimbal dies a few moments into use. I usually wouldn't complain about this, but replacement from Zhiyun are $50. I would expect a piece of equipment like this to function instantly without a costly and battery replacement.


Rachel Wise

I am extremely impressed with this unit! Relatively easy to set up and begin using. I was practicing with it in less than ten minutes with no prior experience. It is very smooth and quiet. Allows me to get those difficult shots like never before. Using it with a Panasonic GH4 with no issues. I think you will enjoy it as much as I do.


Gene Rogers

Excellent device, great build... Definitely setup correctly before powering it up. Search youtube some great setup vids out there.


William A Kallay

Sadly I returned the Zhiyun because I could not get it to work right. I read the instructions and the Zhiyun had a mind of its own. Most likely user error. When I did get the device to balance right, the video footage was pretty cool.


Ricardo A. Castro Reyes

This thing is amazing thank you!!


Ryan Harvey

I love this gimbal system. It's exactly what I'd expect for the price. I travelled with this from America to Bali in a bookbag and never felt like I was putting the Crane in danger. It's a great piece of equipment to use for stable shots and vlogging!

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