Q00217 USR-GPRS232-710 Serial RS232/RS485 to GPRS DTU Converter Support GSM Net

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Q00217 USR-GPRS232-710 Serial RS232/RS485 to GPRS DTU Converter Support GSM Net Item NO.: Q00217

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Product Name Q00217 USR-GPRS232-710 Serial RS232/RS485 to GPRS DTU Converter Support GSM Net
Item NO. Q00217
Weight 0.539 kg = 1.1883 lb = 19.0127 oz
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Creation Time 2017-07-25

GPRS DTU (Data Transfer unit) is a wireless terminal equipment which can converter serial data to IP data or converter IP data to serial data, then transmit through wireless communication network. GPRS DTU is to use GPRS network to transmit data, it adopts industrial-grade embedded processor, embedded TCP/IP protocol stack. To provide users with virtual private networks, which is high speed, stable and reliable, data terminal online forever, and a variety of protocol conversion.
Function features:
Easy to use, only configurate few parameters;
Use single module, embedded Protocol stack, without external CPU,Higher stability;
Support RS232/RS485 interface, choose before purchase;
Using single module embedded protocol stack, no external CPU, higher stability;
Embedded TCP/IP protocol stack and GPRS technology;
Support remote parameters settings, can change IP, port, ect. by SMS;
Support GSM network, four frequency for global, but dont support CDMA/3G/EDGE;
Support public and APN network access;
Can configure heartbeat pack data format, transmit interval, and keep connection with server. Can configure log pack data format and automatically establish network connection with server;
Support data length control, can set the length of single sending package and data pack waiting time;
Support ALWAYS ONLINE mode, and dropped reconnect;
Completely transparent transmission, can take place of data transfer radio, no changes needed on your original system;
Use aluminum alloy case, shielding external disturbance effectively;
Matched sucker antenna, convenient for customers install and use inside the iron case;
Support KEEP-live, can maintain connection if there is no heartbeat packet;
Support network connection in Max 4 Channel, can send data from serial port to differnet servers;
Support remote parameter configuration, can configure all parameter by sending AT command via SMS;
Support password authentication by remote configuration;
Support HTTPD Client
Product characters:
Working Voltage: 5~28V;
Working current: max 1200mA, normal 10~100mA;
Working temperature: -40~80°C;
Storage temperature: -40~85°C;
Storage humidity: 5%~95%RH;
MAX transmit consumption: GSM900 class4(2W),DCS1800 class1(1W);
Working Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHZ;
Three link: (POW/NET/DATA) for power, work status, connection;
Transparent transmission mode supports the TCP/UDP protocol transmission; users can use other mode flexibly;
Serial port level: supports RS232/RS485 adaptive;
Chuck antenna /PCB onboard antenna is optional;
Quantity: 10 Piece

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