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PCIe 4.0x4 R3G graphics card external transfer m.2 nvme extender full speed dock stability riser cable

PCIe 4.0x4 R3G graphics card external transfer m.2 nvme extender full speed dock stability riser cable Item NO.: F47988-B1 F47988-B2

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25CM 50CM

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Product Name PCIe 4.0x4 R3G graphics card external transfer m.2 nvme extender full speed dock stability riser cable
Item NO. F47988-B1 F47988-B2
Weight 0.398 kg = 0.8774 lb = 14.0390 oz
Category Computer Accessories
Creation Time 2022-08-12

Product performance is excellent, word of mouth is super good product, official authentic, 100% power-on test and delivery
This product is only for elderly DIY enthusiasts to test and use. Improper mounting or improper operation can burn the equipment. It is difficult to install and debug the graphics card outside. Ordinary buyers should not place an order for the purchase.

In addition to laptops, this product also supports Intel NUC motherboards, STX motherboards, ITX motherboards, external graphics cards and NVMe M.2 interface can be used.

Company brand: Haishuang (Huizhou) Technology Co., Ltd. R3G

Product Model: R3G Series Products Product

Name: Graphics Card External Adapter Card Extension Cable

Wire Length: 25cm, 50cm (Other lengths can be customized for bulk orders)

Card Compatibility Graphics: Supports newer graphics cards shipped after 2015 (Older graphics cards shipped before 2014 are not supported)

Motherboard Compatibility: Laptop, ITX/STX motherboard, NUC, only supports NVMe M.2 interface does not support SATA M.2 interface, does not support WiFi M.2 interface, does not support M.2 WWAN interface, does not support USB

Power supply description: support DELL DA-2 series power supply (D220P-01/ADP-220AB) 12V/18A/220W power supply or standard ATX power supply above 500W, the power supply must be prepared by the

buyer Bandwidth: (32 G/s)

Model Description: R43SG (NVMe M.2 Interface)

Product Advantages :

A. Wire advantage, use German patented imported wire, use Taiwan imported batch connector, support PCIe 3.0x4 high frequency; 32G/bps stable transmission

Two. The differential signal has no hole design, there is no stray capacitance and inductance signal attenuation interference problem, and there is no micro-short- coffee circuit, and the product is durable

Three. The product is made of high-quality materials, the PCB is made with precision, the thickness of the copper material is thickened to 1oz, the gold-plated content of the gold finger is sufficient, and the gold-plated foot has good electrical conductivity , which can reduce the blue screen of the crash caused by the increase in oxidation and rust resistance.

4. The graphics card connector has a buckle, and the PCIe baffle is fixed with copper hexagonal posts and thumb screws. The structure is tight and the graphics card will not shake.

Purchase Precautions:

1. Be careful to recognize the direction when plugging in, do not plug it in the reverse or off position to avoid burning the device. When plugging in, first hold the appliance plug before plugging in to avoid inserting the plug pins with excessive force. It is forbidden to bend or pull within 2cm of the welding place between the two ends of the wire and the circuit board.

2. The signal transmission capability of various motherboards and equipment is different. Our store's test results are not guaranteed to match your test results. As long as the extension cable is connected, the signal will be lost. Buyers with high requirements, please do not buy.

3. Graphics card or motherboard is an electronic device that will age and oxidize over time. Connecting an extension cord will only make it more unstable. Legacy devices are not supported. More than 3 years. Please do not buy.

4. Unable to provide technical advice on product installation, driver compatibility, etc., please ask the external graphics card group yourself.

Product picture: Product

accessories, copper hexagonal pillars and related screws to fix the graphics card, and a single 6P to dual 8P graphics card power adapter cable

The installation of the hexagonal copper column is as follows:

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