Beholder Beholder EC1 32-bit Handheld 360 Degrees Camera Gimbal Stabilizer for A7S 6D/5D/7D Mirrorless & DSLR Cameras VS DS1 MS1
Beholder EC1 32-bit Handheld 360 Degrees Camera Gimbal Stabilizer for A7S 6D/5D/7D Mirrorless & DSLR Cameras VS DS1 MS1

Beholder EC1 32-bit Handheld 360 Degrees Camera Gimbal Stabilizer for A7S 6D/5D/7D Mirrorless & DSLR Cameras VS DS1 MS1 Item NO: Y19436

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Product Name Beholder EC1 32-bit Handheld 360 Degrees Camera Gimbal Stabilizer for A7S 6D/5D/7D Mirrorless & DSLR Cameras VS DS1 MS1
Item NO Y19436
Weight 2.6200 Kg
Category Camera stablizer (Gimbal)
Brand Beholder
Creation time 2017-07-25


Beholder EC1 32-bit 3-axle Handheld 360 Degrees Camera Gimbal Stabilizer 
for A7S Canon 6D/5D/7D Mirrorless & DSLR Cameras VS DS1 MS1

Effective pictures, Product do not include the Camera, Only the Gimbal, Please confirm before ordering.

Why Beholder EC1?

The technological advancements in camera stabilization, once only available to feature length filmmakers is now available in a single handle camera stabilizer. The Beholder EC1 Camera Stabilizer is the next evolution in the Beholder stabilizer family. The EC1 is similar in weight and size to the Beholder DS1 but the EC1's tech operates on a whole new level of vibration free stability with more than 360 degrees of rotation.

1,The Beholder EC1 is built around the next advancement in gyro sensor technology, giving the EC1 greater perception, and ability to adapt to change.

2,Built into the handle is an OLED status display that will show mode selection, battery life, and joystick direction.

3,On the bottom of the handle is the battery cap with a 3/8th mount and on the side a ¼ mount for accessories like a microphone.

4,The quick release plate has been upgraded to the 577 quick release plate standard. This standardization allows for more convenient swapping between the EC1 and other camera accessories like a tripod.

5,The stabilizer has five build in modes, follow, pitch lock/head lock, lock, follow roll, and home.

6,The technology used in the EC1 to help it maintain stability is called encoders. An encoder is a motor with positional sensors along the motor's radius which allows the stabilizer to know the motor's exact position. This information along with information collected from the IMU sensors flows into an adaptive stabilization algorithm to generate an error correction. This technology gives the EC1 a 0.01 degrees of angle error and greater reliability. A stabilizer with encoders uses a field-oriented control strategy which means the motors can produce an even torque curve and very efficiently consume power.

7,The EC1 can run for an incredible 20 hours on a single charge of the three 18650 lipo batteries. The stabilizer is tool-less with a four axes adjustable gimbal.

8,The EC1 can support up to 5 pounds of camera opening up an impressive range of camera body types, lens adapters, and lenses.

9,Currently the EC1 does not come with wireless connectivity built, the factory does plan to offer a kit to add this function. The kit will include a wireless remote allowing for greater freedom of control. Built into the handle of the EC1 are two 3/8ths studs for mounting accessories like a cine arm.

10,The EC1 can offer professional event videographers a compact stabilizer that's perfect for blending in. Want the best in camera stabilization don't forget that COOG TECH offers the best in support for the Beholder EC1 Camera Stabilizer.



OLCD Status Display.

360 Degrees of free movement.


Compact Design, fits in a backpack.

20 hour battery life.

Travel friendly.

5 way joystick.

Fun and easy to use.

Tool free operation.

Optional BlueTooth, Wireless Remote (Coming Soon).


Quick Specs:

3-Axis stabilization.

Quick Release Plate size is 577.

Battery 3.7 volts 18650, 2600mAh.

Tripod mount, 3/8th.

USB charging port.

32 Bit Board Simple BGC Firmware Version.

12 Bit Encoder.

MCU Motor Control Unit.

Dual IMU Senors.

2.2 pounds weight with batteries.

Dimensions 14 by 7 by 3 Inches, 360 by 184 by 79mm.

One year manufacturer's warranty provided by TRD and handled through Factory.


Compatible camera models
• Beholder EC1 supports lighter than 2KG (including lenses) DSLR or mirroless camera.
• List of supported camera:
• DSLR: Canon 6D / 5D / 7D,
• Mirrorless: A6300, A7R2, A7S + 24- 70 / 16- 35, GH4 + 12- 35,GH3 + 14- 140 and so on.
• Compact camera: RX100, LX100,
• Cell phones, GOPRO or other small cameras usually attached to adapter later released.

Package included:

1*Beholder EC1 Camera Stabilizer.

1*Camera quick release plate.

1*Set of Batteries.

1*Battery holder.

1*Travel case.


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